NOJA 2X MINI Parallettes - push up bars

Small wooden parallettes / push up bars for handstands, push ups and various other challenging body weight movements. Ideal for the following movements, for example: various handstand and pushup movements, L-sit, Press-to-handstand, planche and others.

Freely adjust the width. The low profile of the parallettes prevents the product from tipping over in any direction. Because of the small size you can easily fit these in your training bag and take them with you.

If your wrists are sore during body weight movements (such as normal push-ups or handstands), parallettes helps you keep to your wrist in a neutral position. The 4.5cm thick handle gives perfect wide support for the hand.

-Material: Pine / laminated veneer lumber
-Height 8.5 cm, width 19 cm, length 28 cm
-Grip thickness 4.5 cm
-Safest model on the market, no tipping or falling
-Rubber pads with adhesive surface included. These can be attached to the bottom of the parallettes to prevent the products from moving on slippery surfaces
-Sold in pairs
-The product is assembled and ready for use

Every product is handmade in Finland using Finnish wood.